We believe in paying it forward. We make it a point to be active in communities both online and offline. We attend meetups around the country, speak at conferences, and produce podcasts and screencasts. We will be hosting Chain React - The U.S. React Native Conference again this upcoming summer in Portland. We love sharing our knowledge through open source projects, books, our blog, and anywhere else we see an opportunity for.

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Open Source Leaders

With 30+ open source projects, a screencast series, a podcast, multiple books & published articles, and heavy involvement in the React Native, Elixir, Rails, and Phoenix communities, our team is leading the way.

We’ve organized meetups and conferences as well as participated in many others as speakers and attendees. If it’s relevant to the technologies we love, we’ll probably be involved in some capacity. Write open source software with us. Join us on Slack.


If you're at a conference or meetup, you might run into an Infinite Red team member. We've hosted conferences in San Francisco, as well as meetups in Portland, San Francisco, New Orleans, and online.

Chain React is the U.S. React Native Conference. It's a two day, one-track conference with talks from influential React leaders. Join us July 11-12, 2019 in Portland Oregon to learn from other React Native enthusiasts, eat great food, and nerd out about redux vs. mob-x.

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React Native Newsletter

If you are subscribed to the React Native Newsletter, you may have noticed that the newsletter recently gained a new logo and visual upgrades. With this and other improvements, we are happy to announce that Infinite Red and several partners, including and Exponent, have teamed up on the content curation and will be publishing the newsletter going forward.

Free weekly occasional summary of React Native news, articles, issues & pull requests, libraries and apps.


One of the ways we love to give back is by sharing our experiences. Our podcast, Building Infinite Red, is a chance for our founders to share what goes into leading a software consultancy on the edge of tomorrow. Be sure to subscribe on Apple podcasts, Google Play, or your favorite podcasting platform.

Recent Episodes

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Teaching Others

We've always been a place where learning is celebrated. Our senior engineering staff puts on weekly "Friday Fundamentals" training classes to teach software development concepts to our junior engineers. We're also launching a podcast soon -- stay tuned!

Our very own Daniel Berkompas has created his own screencast series on Elixir! He provides step-by-step tutorials for beginning Elixir developers and explains the background of the language and its major features.

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Medium Publication

Our blog, Red Shift, offers a little bit of everything. You'll find everything from posts about some of our remote lifestyles, how-tos in React Native and Elixir, to our thoughts on implementing design into your everyday process.

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"Involvement in the tech community is one of the things that attracted me to Infinite Red. I've enjoyed interacting with other developers and designers, and have found a home where that is not only appreciated, but encouraged."

Gant Laborde

Technical Leader / Senior Software Engineer

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